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My Motivation

There are not many people who truly understand the “job” of a Speech Pathologist. There are those people who have never paused to consider the importance of speech, language and communication abilities in their lives. For them, ‘talking’ is natural and not something that needs to be given a second thought. For others, they are forced to consider such things only when they themselves or a friend or family member have a specific challenge with communication. The underlying components making up that communication challenge are assessed and addressed. And then there are those whose whole world is turned upside down by a major life event that affects their ability to communicate. For each of these groups of people, a Speech Pathologist takes on a different role.

As a Speech Pathologist I have the privilege of working with all types of people. Some clients can be helped in a relatively short space of time. Intervention can be quick and with lots of practice at home, the desired results can be achieved. Other clients come for a complex combination of needs. Sometimes a client attends for one area of concern, but assessment identifies an underlying web of interrelated skills that need addressing.

Whatever the reason a client walks through my door, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us. No matter how short or long our time together is, I feel honoured to be part of my client’s communication journey. Helping someone to reach their speech, language, communication or learning potential can be at times, frustrating, anxious and thrilling. Whatever happens I always enjoy the professional challenge each client brings.

Do we always get perfect results? No, but working together we can definitely help our clients take the next step on their communication journey.

So why do I do what I do? I love the challenge, I love the relationships we form, I love to see people change and grow.

Does it matter that not everyone understands my job? Of course not. As long as they understand I can help meet their communication and learning needs in the situation they currently find themselves in today.

Newcastle Speech Pathology works with individuals and families to develop speech, language, literacy, communication, voice and swallowing skills.

See “What does a Speech Pathologist do?”  for more information about how we can help you on your learning journey today.

Written by Alison Speech Pathologist Newcastle Speech Pathology

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