We Have Speech Coaches!

Practising speech therapy exercises at home can be hard.  


We understand that you’re often busy, tired, or feeling uninspired. The great news is that our team has found a way to make home-practise convenient, cost-efficient and fun!


Our Speech Coaches are specially-trained Therapy Assistants who help you go through your therapy exercises from the comfort of your home. 


The more quality practice you do, the faster you’ll achieve your speech therapy goals. 


It’s easy to fit in a 20-minute appointment with a Speech Coach before work or school, during your lunch break, in between after-school activities, or even while you’re preparing dinner!     

Have a chat today with your Speech Pathologist or one of our Admin girls to find out more. 

What does a Speech Coach do?

Speech Coaches are trained to take you through your home-practise activities that have been set by your Speech Pathologist. In a 20-minute online appointment, your specially trained Speech Coach will take you through your practise activities in a fun and engaging way, using our unique video conferencing software. 


What happens in a Speech Coaching appointment?

You will need a device which is connected to the internet (a phone, tablet, laptop or computer). Your coach will send you a link to our online clinic room, where they will meet you and take you through your therapy exercises that have been set by your Speech Pathologist.


In our online clinic room, you will have face-to-face time with your coach, be able to share documents with each other, and work on a virtual whiteboard or document simultaneously. Your coach will guide you through your practice and provide you with immediate feedback that will help you successfully complete your therapy homework and stay on track.


Who are your Speech Coaches?

Our Speech Coaches are Allied Health Assistants who are selected and trained by our Speech Pathologists to help you complete your home practice. They are not Speech Pathologists, and as such cannot provide advice on your assessment, diagnosis or course of therapy. 


Why should I book an appointment with a Speech Coach?

The more quality practice you do, the faster you will achieve your speech therapy goals. If you are finding it hard to do the recommended daily practice, an appointment with a Speech Coach will help you. 


Speech Coaches can help you complete your home practice anywhere! It’s easy to fit in an appointment with a coach before work, at lunchtime, while you are waiting for a child to finish after-school activities, while you are supporting another child with their homework, or even when you are preparing dinner. 


How much does it cost?

Perhaps the best part is that having a Speech Coach is an affordable way to make sure you’re staying on track and getting the most out of speech therapy.


An appointment with a Speech Coach is only $30, and can be paid for over the phone or via direct deposit.