Weekly tips for building positive relationships and communication skills with your preschooler

  • Help! My child is really hard to understand.

    ‘Help! My child is really hard to understand.’ We hear this sentence a lot as Speech Pathologists. Join us this month as we talk about speech sounds, and how we can help our Little Ones to become clearer speakers. Week 1   Why is my child hard to understand? By 4 years of age, we […]

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  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is here and as we welcome the longer days and warmer weather, there seems to be a new energy buzzing as we shake of the winter woollies and enjoy the sunshine on our faces. This month we will have a look at a few spring-themed activities to build your child’s language and communication. Week […]

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  • What are you Doing? Developing Action-Word Vocabulary

    Week 1: Play-Doh Cooking Verbs are words which describe actions, or describe what someone is doing. Words like, ‘run’, ‘push’ and ‘live’. Verbs are super important words. You can’t make a single sentence without one! Our children need a large vocabulary of verbs if they are going to move towards speaking in more complex sentences. […]

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  • Language and Laughter

    Week 1 – Laughter is the best medicine Everyone loves a good belly-aching laugh. With the busyness and complexities of family life, it can seem to be a long time between laughs. The old adage ‘laughter is the best medicine’ rings true. Research has shown that people who have a good sense of humour and […]

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  • Using What You’ve Already Got!

    Week 1: Skip the Trip to the Shops Children learn language skills by interacting with those familiar to them. One way to encourage such interactions is by playing fun games. Now, before you head straight to the shopping centre to buy more toys and gadgets, this month we are going to look at regular household […]

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  • Refining Social Skills

    Week 1: Look at me when I’m talking! Communication is not only about what is spoken. In fact, more than half of what we communicate is expressed by gesture, tone of voice and facial expression. Anyone who has ever tried to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language will understand that there is a […]

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  • Getting Right What We Say!

    Week 1: “You” Messages This month we’re taking some time to think about some of the things that ‘Big People’ say. The reality is, that what we say to our children has a long and lasting impact, well into their future. Every honest parent can confess to a moment of hearing something come out of […]

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  • Learning About Emotions

    Week One: Label the emotion When our children are young, they only have two ways to express emotions, smiling and crying! As they grow, they develop more facial expressions and gestures to express their emotions. Eventually they will learn a few words like happy, sad and cranky. Emotions are complex things that can be very hard […]

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  • Getting Ready for Reading

    Ready for Reading – Put your feet up and enjoy a book. One of the major ways that children learn is through watching others. They copy sounds, words and behaviours from us. Children who see adults and older children taking pleasure in reading and experiencing books will follow their example. We often emphasise the importance […]

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  • Preparing for Preschool

    Week 1: What’s for lunch? Starting preschool can be a stressful time for our youngsters. There is a new routine to adapt to, new faces, smells, sights and sounds; it’s no wonder they can become a bit overwhelmed at times! Letting your new preschooler pick out their own lunch can not only encourage independence, but […]

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