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Managing Speech Pathologist

Rebecca, or Bec as she is known to her colleagues and clients, is an integral part of the Newcastle Speech Pathology team, bringing her extensive experience and passion to her work every day.


With over 9 years of dedicated service, she has established herself as our senior clinician, demonstrating a deep understanding of various aspects of speech pathology.

Bec finds joy in working with individuals of all ages but has developed a particular interest in three key areas.


Firstly, she thrives on working with older children and young adults who are in the process of building their social skills and honing their high-level language abilities as they transition into the workforce. Bec recognizes the importance of effective communication in professional settings and is dedicated to empowering her clients to succeed in their careers.

Additionally, Bec has gained significant expertise in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). She has worked extensively with clients of all ages with complex communication needs, understanding their unique challenges. Bec's commitment to improving the lives of individuals with complex communication needs drives her to provide tailored and innovative solutions that enable her clients to express themselves effectively.

With a toddler of her own at home, Bec is well-placed to support our youngest clients in their early language development. She possesses the necessary professional skills and applies her knowledge in real-life situations, constantly exploring and refining early language therapy techniques with her son. This personal experience adds an extra layer of understanding and empathy to her work, ensuring that she can provide comprehensive support to our early language clients and their families.

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