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Speech Pathologist

Meet Laura, our dedicated and passionate speech pathologist who joined our team in 2024. Laura brings a contagious enthusiasm to our practice, thriving on the diversity of her work and the variety of clients she sees across different age groups.


With a special interest in early speech and language development and supporting social communication in a neuro-affirming way, Laura is committed to enhancing functional communication across all life stages.

Laura's person-centered approach is driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact. She focuses on creating functional, collaborative goals with clients and their families, ensuring each session is both enjoyable and engaging.


Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development means she's always updated with the latest advancements in speech pathology, providing the best possible care to her clients.

Originally from country NSW, Laura now embraces the Newcastle lifestyle. Outside of work, she loves exercising, spending time at the beach, reading, and enjoying quality time with family and friends. These activities rejuvenate her and enable her to bring her best self to her work.

Laura's integration into our team has enriched our practice with her genuine care and expertise.

Whether you're seeking support for early speech development, social communication skills, or other speech pathology needs, Laura is dedicated to guiding you on a path to enhanced communication and overall well-being.

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