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  • 6 Tips For Taking Care of Your Vocal Hygiene

    Vocal hygiene behaviours are things we can do to ensure we take care of our voice and vocal folds. Here are some tips for good vocal hygiene: Drink enough water Making sure you stay fully hydrated is important to keep your vocal cords functioning properly. Carry a drink bottle with you, and try to have […]

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  • What is a Voice Disorder?

    Our voice is an integral part of who we are. When you hear someone on the radio or you speak to a person on the phone, you can generally tell the age and sex of the speaker and something of their cultural background. Our voices give away a lot about our health and the current […]

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  • Looking after your Voice

    What springs to mind when you think of “Vocal Hygiene?” Do you have images of washing your mouth with antiseptic soap or scrubbing with a toilet brush to remove germs? ‘Hygiene’ refers to conditions or practices which are conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease. Yes there really are things we can do to maintain […]

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