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  • My Child is Anxious. How Can I Help?

    In light of the current world crisis, it’s likely that many kids are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety – even on a subconscious level. 

    Read below as our team shares with you five things you can do to help a child who is experiencing anxiety:

    1. Show that you understand, even when you don’t. 

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  • What Does an Occupational Therapist Do?

    We’ve written this blog post based on a video-series of interviews that our Director Alison conducted with Rhiannon from Ability Focus Occupational Therapy earlier in the year. “The OT discipline is very broad. We work across the whole lifespan; from birth, until as old as you may get in life. The word ‘occupation’ often confuses […]

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  • How Can We Make Reading Time More Engaging?

    There’s a difference between simply reading words off a page to your child, and engaging them in the story. What is interactive reading? Reading interactively is something that might come naturally to some parents. For others, it may take a little bit of practise. It’s all about going beyond the words of the page to […]

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  • Why Your Child Might Find it Hard to Self-Regulate

    What does ‘self regulation’ mean? Every child is unique. Some children can get overwhelmed easily, and others remain calm. In the same way, some kids can be highly attentive and alert, while others are very withdrawn. Self-regulation is an important strategy that your child can use to be calm and alert, so that they can […]

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  • What On Earth Is Decontextualised Language, and Why Is It So Important?

    Early on, a child’s language is mainly based around their current environment. Conversations are usually focused on topics such as daily routines, toys, food, and familiar people. As our children grow older, however, it is important that they learn to speak about things beyond the ‘here and now’. Their language needs to allow them to […]

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  • Why should we be encouraging our children in their imaginative play?

    Have  you ever noticed how young children begin to play imaginatively? Early on, they will pretend to feed a teddy, or make a plane fly through the air. Has your child set up a shop or restaurant and demanded that you come and visit as the customer? These are exciting developmental stages that give us […]

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  • 10 Tips For A Healthy Lunch Box

    Written by Suzie Garmeister of Branch and Vine Nutrition – Fd. Dip Nutrition & Holistic Health Feeling overwhelmed about how to feed your kids a healthy school lunch? With 3 boys, 3.5 years apart, I have spent much ‘loving’ time in the kitchen ensuring they are not hindered in their development by what they eat. […]

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  • 5 Ways That Outdoor Play Helps Children Develop Language

    Several years ago, a lovely friend of mine took a challenge. She decided that every day, she and her children would spend at least 3 hours outside. For a year. Over the course of that year, she saw firsthand the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of outdoor play in her children. Now, years later, that […]

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  • Help! My child is really hard to understand.

    ‘Help! My child is really hard to understand.’ We hear this sentence a lot as Speech Pathologists. Join us this month as we talk about speech sounds, and how we can help our Little Ones to become clearer speakers. Week 1   Why is my child hard to understand? By 4 years of age, we […]

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  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is here and as we welcome the longer days and warmer weather, there seems to be a new energy buzzing as we shake of the winter woollies and enjoy the sunshine on our faces. This month we will have a look at a few spring-themed activities to build your child’s language and communication. Week […]

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