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Allied Health Assistant

Molly is a dedicated speech pathologist at Newcastle Speech Pathology. With her diverse interests and commitment to helping others, she brings a unique perspective to her role. Molly finds joy in various activities outside of work, including gardening, playing tennis, and socialising.

As a gardening enthusiast, Molly understands the importance of nurturing and cultivating growth. She applies this same mindset to her work, where she assists individuals in improving their communication skills. Molly believes that effective communication is the foundation for meaningful connections and a better quality of life.

When she's not tending to her plants or engaging in friendly tennis matches, Molly enjoys socialising with others. She values human connection and believes in the power of building relationships. Molly's friendly and approachable nature allows her to connect with clients and make them feel comfortable throughout their therapy journey.

Molly's passion lies in supporting people to enhance their communication abilities. She recognizes the transformative impact of improved communication on individuals' lives. Through her dedication and collaboration with the skilled speech pathologists at Newcastle Speech Pathology, Molly strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those she assists.

With her genuine care, love for gardening, passion for tennis, and appreciation for social connections, Molly embodies the values of Newcastle Speech Pathology. She is a valuable member of the team, bringing her unique skills and enthusiasm to create a warm and supportive environment for clients.

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