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  • Language is Always Changing

    We often think of our language as being very fixed. We were all taught grammar rules in school, right? Rules can’t change! But, over a long period of time, from generation to generation, languages do change. Your children will speak differently than your parents or your grandparents. A few years ago, if something was ‘lit’ […]

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  • English Spelling is Weird.

    Here is a statement I think we can all agree on: English spelling is weird! Wait, shouldn’t that be ‘wierd’? Isn’t it ‘i’ before the ‘e’? As it turns out, there are a lot of exceptions to that rule! Language and literacy go hand in hand. If you’re having difficulty with oral language development, there […]

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  • Irregular Spelling Rules

    Why English has such Irregular Spelling Rules Adapted from Louisa Moats, How Spelling Supports Reading, American Educator, 2006. The history of English language is such a fascinating tale. A bit of knowledge about our journey towards modern English will help explain why our spelling patterns can seem a bit absurd. One of the main reasons […]

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  • Irregular Spelling Patterns

    Why the English spelling system is not as irregular as you think Adapted from Louisa Moats, How Spelling Supports Reading, American Educator, 2006. The spelling of English words is often said to be unpredictable and words just need to be learned. However, there are more regular spellings and patterns than you might think. Apparently half […]

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  • Dyslexia and Speech Pathology

    How can Speech Pathologists help with dyslexia and learning disorders? Last week I had a “Google Hangout” date with Michelle Morrow from Homeschooling Down Under. I was invited to chat with her about how Speech Pathologists work with young children and students to identify and circumvent dyslexia. Check out our hangout session on Youtube. I […]

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  • Is Spelling Important?

    Is Spelling Important?   Yes! Yes! Yes! But what about spell checkers? Can’t my child just rely on the computer? The short answer is ‘No’. Spell checkers are great, a very useful tool, particularly for those of us who are already fairly knowledgeable when it comes to spelling. However, in order to use a spell […]

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