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  • What You Need to Know About Stuttering

    What exactly IS a stutter? It is the disruption in the fluency of verbal expression; the opposite of what would sound like smooth speech. These disruptions are characterized by uncontrollable repetitions or prolongations of parts of speech. The disruptions could be sounds, syllables, or words of one syllable, and can be silent, or you may […]

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  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is here and as we welcome the longer days and warmer weather, there seems to be a new energy buzzing as we shake of the winter woollies and enjoy the sunshine on our faces. This month we will have a look at a few spring-themed activities to build your child’s language and communication. Week […]

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  • What are you Doing? Developing Action-Word Vocabulary

    Week 1: Play-Doh Cooking Verbs are words which describe actions, or describe what someone is doing. Words like, ‘run’, ‘push’ and ‘live’. Verbs are super important words. You can’t make a single sentence without one! Our children need a large vocabulary of verbs if they are going to move towards speaking in more complex sentences. […]

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  • What to do if your little one starts stuttering

    Last week in our blog, we talked about some of the symptoms of stuttering (also known as stammering or dysfluency). This week we will talk about what to do if your little one starts showing signs of a stutter. As we mentioned in the previous blog, everybody makes mistakes while speaking, corrects themselves and occasionally […]

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  • Symptoms of Stuttering

    Have you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of a sentence, perhaps repeating the last word you said over and over again while you wait for the next word to come out? Or perhaps you’ve stumbled all over your words and the sentence you tried to say makes no sense to those around you. […]

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  • Speech and Intelligibility

    Intelligibility All this month in our blogs, we’re talking about speech sound disorders. One of the words you’ll hear a lot when talking about speech is ‘intelligible’. Intelligibility is how clear and comprehensible a person’s speech is. If a child is 100% intelligible, that means that everyone can understand everything they say. If you find […]

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