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  • 5 Things I Learned About Language Barriers After Living in Japan

    At the end of last year, my husband Tim and I took 3 months off work and embarked on an adventure to Japan. We volunteered in a local church in the north of Japan, which was great fun. Living and working in a different culture was a unique experience, and we were thrilled to have […]

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  • Help! My child is really hard to understand.

    ‘Help! My child is really hard to understand.’   We hear this sentence a lot as Speech Pathologists. Join us this month as we talk about speech sounds, and how we can help our Little Ones to become clearer speakers.   Week 1   Why is my child hard to understand?   By 4 years […]

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  • The Emerging Art of Conversation

    Can you recall a great conversation that you have recently had? Chances are that you remember it because you were actively involved. Your conversational partner may have asked for your opinion or given you opportunity to speak about yourself and your interests. Perhaps you had a robust debate where both of you were able to […]

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  • September Theme: What are you Doing? Developing Action Word Vocabulary

    Week 1: Play-Doh Cooking Verbs are words which describe actions, or describe what someone is doing. Words like, ‘run’, ‘push’ and ‘live’. Verbs are super important words. You can’t make a single sentence without one! Our children need a large vocabulary of verbs if they are going to move towards speaking in more complex sentences. […]

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  • May Theme: Getting Right What We Say!

    Week 1: “You” Messages This month we’re taking some time to think about some of the things that ‘Big People’ say. The reality is, that what we say to our children has a long and lasting impact, well into their future. Every honest parent can confess to a moment of hearing something come out of […]

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  • Recasting and why you need to learn it!

    This is the last blog in our series on speech development in children. See what other topics we’ve covered to learn more. As we have discussed in previous blogs, our little ones don’t learn to speak clearly all at once, but slowly over a number of years. This process of learning involves making mistakes and […]

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  • Speech Sound Development

    If you’ve ever watched a child learn to speak, you’ll know that they don’t suddenly open their mouths and say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.When children are first learning there are lots of words that are too tricky for them to say. So cat, might sound like ‘tat’ for a few months, and sticker might sound more like ‘dider’. […]

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  • Getting It Right – Reflections From A Mother Who has Been Right Where You Are

    Alison McDonald, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist Being a parent is a tough gig. No one can disagree. Along the journey, we are often plagued by doubts in our parenting abilities, and swallowed by the uncertainties of what results our efforts will reap. In my early years as a mum, I was swept up thinking about […]

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  • Irregular Spelling Rules

    Why English has such Irregular Spelling Rules Adapted from Louisa Moats, How Spelling Supports Reading, American Educator, 2006. The history of English language is such a fascinating tale. A bit of knowledge about our journey towards modern English will help explain why our spelling patterns can seem a bit absurd. One of the main reasons […]

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