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  • At What Age is a Child Considered To Be a ‘Late Talker’?

    It’s easy to compare our kids’ development to others’. We see our friends whose kids are already initiating conversations and naming pictures in books, and we wonder why our precious toddler is still using gestures and grunts to communicate.

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  • Lisps

    This is the third instalment in our series of blogs on children’s speech. Check out our previous blogs on Speech Sound Development and Intelligibility. When I tell people what I do, people often ask ‘do you work with lisps?’. This is actually a very small part of my caseload, but we do see it sometimes. A […]

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  • What’s all the talk about ‘Oral Language’?

    What is Oral Language? Oral language is what we say. It’s the use of spoken words to successfully engage with others. It enables us to build relationships and it is a crucial foundation for learning. Oral language involves our knowledge of words, sounds and grammar (i.e. semantic, phonological and syntactic knowledge). Why is Oral Language […]

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  • Do iPads Cause Speech and Language Delays in Toddlers?

    Do iPads Cause Speech and Language Delays in Toddlers? Recently I came across an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph titled “Not-so-smart parenting”. The article addressed the possible effects on learning of children who spend too much time with technology. The article by Bruce McDougall quoted statistics indicating that 18% of inner Sydney kindergarten children […]

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  • Helping Late Talkers

    Late Talkers are those children whose speech and language skills are not developing in line with their peers. Typically these children are identified by 18 – 24 months of age when it is noted that they have a limited vocabulary and they are not beginning to put words together to make short sentences. If your […]

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