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  • English Spelling is Weird.

    Here is a statement I think we can all agree on: English spelling is weird! Wait, shouldn’t that be ‘wierd’? Isn’t it ‘i’ before the ‘e’? As it turns out, there are a lot of exceptions to that rule! Language and literacy go hand in hand. If you’re having difficulty with oral language development, there […]

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  • Getting Ready for Reading

    Ready for Reading – Put your feet up and enjoy a book. One of the major ways that children learn is through watching others. They copy sounds, words and behaviours from us. Children who see adults and older children taking pleasure in reading and experiencing books will follow their example. We often emphasise the importance […]

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  • What’s all the talk about ‘Oral Language’?

    What is Oral Language? Oral language is what we say. It’s the use of spoken words to successfully engage with others. It enables us to build relationships and it is a crucial foundation for learning. Oral language involves our knowledge of words, sounds and grammar (i.e. semantic, phonological and syntactic knowledge). Why is Oral Language […]

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  • Dyslexia and Speech Pathology

    How can Speech Pathologists help with dyslexia and learning disorders? Last week I had a “Google Hangout” date with Michelle Morrow from Homeschooling Down Under. I was invited to chat with her about how Speech Pathologists work with young children and students to identify and circumvent dyslexia. Check out our hangout session on Youtube. I […]

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