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  • Language is Always Changing

    We often think of our language as being very fixed. We were all taught grammar rules in school, right? Rules can’t change! But, over a long period of time, from generation to generation, languages do change. Your children will speak differently than your parents or your grandparents. A few years ago, if something was ‘lit’ […]

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  • Busting 5 Myths on Bilingual Language Development

    There are lots of common myths about children growing up hearing two or more languages, and not all of them are true. Our very own Emilia has busted the following five myths that many people have about bilingual language development! Myth #1: I should only speak one language to my child. Speaking in more than […]

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  • 5 Things I Learned About Language Barriers After Living in Japan

    At the end of last year, my husband Tim and I took 3 months off work and embarked on an adventure to Japan. We volunteered in a local church in the north of Japan, which was great fun. Living and working in a different culture was a unique experience, and we were thrilled to have […]

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