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  • 5 Things I Learned About Language Barriers After Living in Japan

    At the end of last year, my husband Tim and I took 3 months off work and embarked on an adventure to Japan. We volunteered in a local church in the north of Japan, which was great fun. Living and working in a different culture was a unique experience, and we were thrilled to have […]

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  • Speech and Intelligibility

    Intelligibility All this month in our blogs, we’re talking about speech sound disorders. One of the words you’ll hear a lot when talking about speech is ‘intelligible’. Intelligibility is how clear and comprehensible a person’s speech is. If a child is 100% intelligible, that means that everyone can understand everything they say. If you find […]

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  • Comprehension

    Comprehension Comprehension, also known as receptive language, is understanding what we hear or read. It enables us to make sense of the world and follow instructions. It involves understanding concepts such as size, shape, location, texture and time. As we continue through school, the concepts we are expected to comprehend become more complex and abstract. […]

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